EPSTEIN ISLAND: FBI Requests Russian Underground Radar System

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EPSTEIN ISLAND: FBI Requests Russian Underground Radar System
FBI Requests Export Permit For Russian Underground Radar System To Probe Bizarre Temple-Like Structure On Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island.

An astonishing new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today outlining the agenda for strategic stability talks between Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan to be held in Geneva-Switzerland, lists as one of its main items for discussion a request made by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for an export license to use Logis-Geotech technology—Russia’s most advanced defense industry developer and manufacturer of geophysical (underground radar) equipment—whose referencing number on this FBI request is “19 CRIM 490”—which is the 8 July 2019 criminal charging document against child sex predator Jeffrey Epstein—with the only purpose for the FBI wanting to use this highly restricted Russian technology, would appear to be an underground radar examination of Epstein’s bizarre temple-like structure discovered on his private Caribbean island—whose massive doors are locked from the outside, not the inside.

Fears grow over what’s buried beneath Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex temple located on his private Caribbean island.

According to this report, and as all nations do, Russia maintains strict export controls on many high-technology items having military and/or intelligence applications—overseen by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEK)—but which does have an export procedure to obtain a permit for temporary exports of goods and technologies—but under whose provisions, a permanent transfer to a foreign party is not allowed and the permit holder is obliged to return the goods and technology back to Russia—and under further terms of a permit, the goods and technology exported must always be controlled by a Russian entity.

The specific export controlled items having military and/or intelligence capabilities requested by the FBI, this report notes, are various Logis-Geotech underground radar systems—that include:

Ground Penetrating Radar OKO-3—that’s used by the Russian military, but can also be operated in English.

GPR-Detector R0-400—used for detection of holes, underground communication passes, hideouts, contraband, criminal disposals, etc.—and can penetrate thick reinforced concrete walls, as well as multi-layer building constructions.

Construction Scan 1700—used for detection of heterogeneities, anomalies and other buried items in solid environment—can discover hidden ventilation and communication channels, as well as its being able to detect shelters and covered-up holes.

Deep-Earth Metal Detector MG-1—the world’s most advanced underground radar system used exclusively by the Russian military and can recognize ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals at depths up to 5 meters.

To what the FBI believes it may find buried under Epstein’s child sex slave temple, and across the whole island he controls nearly the entire government of, this report continues, are the bodies of sacrificed young girls and women—human sacrifices that Russian intelligence services believe were conducted under the “control and Satanic direction” of elite Harvard University leftist scholars and educators—hundreds of whom are prominently listed in Epstein’s now revealed “Little Black Book”—and are human sacrifices conducted by Harvard University in America since 1692 when its demonic lawyers and judges sent to their deaths more than a hundred men, women, and girls after they convicted them of being witches.

Beginning in June-2016, this report concludes, Russian intelligence services began warning of the child sex crimes being committed by Jeffrey Epstein and the powerful elites protecting him—some of the hundreds of whom include billionaires Mike Bloomberg and Richard Branson, top US politicians like Jon Huntsman, British royals like Prince Charles and Prince Andrew, as well as nearly every member of the Rothschild, Kennedy and Soros families—all of whom, and even more, by October-2016, Russian intelligence warned were being blackmailed by Epstein and the Western intelligence agencies controlling him—a FACT now being confirmed by top American financial experts examining Epstein’s secretive empire.
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
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