First Variety & Error Found with Your Help

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This video was made to give a shout out to richcali21 & Midnitesilverrun, the other night on richcali21's channel. The error and the variety would have not been found it if not for the assistance and for those in the chat rich and midnight. At the moment there were probably other who are helping and stop me from going so fast, and picking out these two. I wonder at times how many pennies or nickels or dimes or quarters or even half dollars that I missed because of an error that I did not know. Now I have two examples of finding a mint error and a wood grain coin. Wanted to give a shout out to these two gentlemen and others who ate it be to find these two coins. Hope everyone has the same luck and collaboration with those in the conversation and those who have the knowledge and easily spreads to others. Thank you again coin community!
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